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About The Goldfinch

Denver’s Newest High End Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

Welcome to The Goldfinch, Denver’s newest gem and a beacon of sophistication in the bustling Broadway area. As a recently unveiled addition to the city’s vibrant scene, The Goldfinch swiftly stands out among the best bars on Broadway, in Denver.

Our establishment is not just a high-end cocktail bar – it is a testament to innovation and the art of mixology in the heart of Denver. From the moment you step inside our brand-new space, you’ll be greeted by an atmosphere meticulously curated to redefine the upscale cocktail bar experience.

The Goldfinch is a captivating oasis where elegance converges with warmth. An intimate space welcomes you with vibrant colors—rich golds, sterling silver, greens, terracotta, leathery browns, and blues—echoing our mascot, the goldfinch, and the natural western landscapes it inhabits.

The ambiance seamlessly blends Hollywood regency sophistication with ski lodge coziness, mirroring the goldfinch’s delicate balance between grace and playfulness. Soft ambient lighting and intricately designed chandeliers hang from above, while velvet chairs and leather couches create an atmosphere inviting relaxation and conviviality.

The Goldfinch Lounge offers a curated drink menu alongside a thoughtful and diverse bar and weekend brunch selection featuring delectable small bites to share platters. All of this is complemented by the soulful beats of downtempo house music spun by talented DJs. The mellow rhythm provides a perfect backdrop to your evening and overall experience.

For those yearning for a breath of fresh air, step outside to our enchanting outdoor patio. The space, adorned with cozy seating surrounded by lush greenery and wooden elements, merges the beauty of nature with modern design and the earthy spirit of the frontier.

Unique to the SOBO and Platte Park neighborhoods of Denver.

Welcome to a journey of indulgence at Denver’s newest high-end cocktail bar, The Goldfinch.

Crafting Moments, Pouring Elegance.

Redefining Denver’s Social Experience, One Exceptional Sip at a Time


The Goldfinch is a manifestation rooted in the spiritual journey of our managing partner, Iain Chisholm. During a transformative ceremony, The Goldfinch emerged as his guiding presence, symbolizing protection and vitality. Known for its spirited nature, The Goldfinch embodies light-hearted cheerfulness, restlessness, sociability, and untiring activity. These qualities resonate with Iain’s approach to life, where responsibilities rest lightly on his sunny shoulders.

Adorably, a group of finches is referred to as a “charm.”

With a distinguished background, Iain previously owned and managed two businesses, integral to the formation of the renowned RINO Art District: Dada Art Bar and Americatus, “Amerigo.”
Creating a restaurant/bar encapsulating the essence of “The Goldfinch” was a natural progression.

Full Calendar

From sunset beats to brunch time grooves, our live DJ experiences add an extra layer of magic to your time at The Goldfinch. Come, let the music move you, and revel through the weekends in style. Our DJs, masters of their craft, skillfully blend diverse styles, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the vibrant energy of our sophisticated clientele.


1842 S Broadway, Unit 103
Denver, CO 80210

(Located in rear of parking lot)


(720) 576-1242

Our Hours

Tues-Thurs: 4 PM-12 AM

Friday: 4 PM-2 AM

Saturday: 10 AM-2 AM

Sunday: 10 AM-4 PM

Brunch: Weekends 10 AM-4 PM

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